Hailey’s Cake Smash


I met Hailey for the first time when she was in her mama’s belly. It’s unreal that she just celebrated her first birthday! We arranged a customized cake smash for her to enjoy and to capture some great memories. She is such a dainty little thing and wasn’t too fond of getting her tiny┬áhands all dirty and sticky. But with the help of her parents, she eventually just dove in! Needless to say it was a messy, sticky affair with pink icing EVERYWHERE, even on the photographer (don’t ask me how). The bath was waiting for her as soon as she’d had enough and I got a couple of adorable snaps of her in the tub. The experience of a cake smash is just as fun as watching the great photos afterwards. It was a real treat to capture┬áthis pretty little princess!

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    June 2015

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